Sunday, July 22, 2012

Style...on a budget

Lining up some inventory to open my maternity clothing store has been a fun task!  I am defintiely a shopaholic, and even better, this has allowed me to research trends in fabrics, fit, function, and colors!  I think that for basically my entire life I have searched for deals and bargains with my clothes shopping adventures.  In conceptualizing this new maternity clothing store, I knew that I had to put my lifelong learnings into good use. 
The first reason for this is to accept the challenge to offer Maui great style for maternity wear without having to spend a lot.  The second reason for this is that I know we live on Maui.  It is expensive to live here, and when you take into account the fact that pregnancy is temporary I know that the average woman is not willing to spend too much.  I am hoping to keep second reason in mind to form my business vision.
Summer is a fun time for fashion!  Sandals, tanks, shorts, maxi dresses, and color are all around.  My thoughts on this subject...where are the maternity styles that fall into this category?  Why does it seem that the pregnant woman has to sacrifice all of these things in order to have a baby?  Well I am hoping that this will no longer be the thoughts in my mind and soon everyone elses mind as well. 
By bringing affordable maternity fashions here, I know that the pregnant momma will be pleased to still express individuality, comfort, and versatility, all without breaking the bank.
The research I did while pregnant, and after, lead me to realize that the average cost of maternity wear is around $35-50 an item. When it came to denim the average grew exponentially...this was not satisfactory! As a consumer and lover of fashion I am willing to pay a higher price for quality and versatile pieces. A a pregnant woman I did not have the opportunity to do this. Yes, I could purchase online however this is always a hesitation especially without being able to try items on. Returning online purchases is allowable, but I always hate having to pay to return the item then possibly pay again to have it shipped back, restocking fees, difference in price for the purchase do another item, etc. I even heard stories from some friends about purchasing 2 sizes of everything in an online order only to return the size that doesn't fit after the order arrived. Not saying that this strategy is bad, but I would find it way too much hassle and money spent!  I need immediate gratification.  I just don't have the time or patience for anything else. 
My goal with my business is to keep a good portion of the clothing inventory priced at $50 and below.  Of course there will be other items available, and there will be a good rotation of pieces as well to keep things fresh.  I just want to be able to appeal to the masses of preggo momma's here on Maui that's all...I just hope that my vision shows through as time goes on. 
In lighter news, I am super excited to say that my first small batch of inventory has arrived!  Here's a sneak peek to get your juices flowin'!  Any guesses to what these things are?

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