Saturday, February 18, 2012

The beginning of changing

My husband and I were lucky to welcome our baby girl into the world on April 17th, 2011.  She arrived in style, and unexpectedly early, a whole month to be exact!  The first thing we learned about her was that she not only chose her birth date, but also her name.  1) Surrine-derived from a combination of her two grandmothers.  Thanks to daddy for that clever rendition!  (Little did mommy know how hard it was to name a baby...)  2) Rose-after mommy's great-grandmother Rose Laumeyer, who died at 93 thank you very much!  Now here's the kicker...her hawaiian name
3) Henoheapualeiokamino'akanei-thanks to Grandpa who rightfully knew that "a lovely cherished child of this smile" would really prove to be the perfect fit. 
Everyone knows that having a baby changes things, but as a result of our new addition we decided to change ourselves--inside and out--in order to set her, and ourselves, up for the best life possible. 
This blog will show our journey to becoming parents, grown-ups, and green (as in eco-friendly) in the best way we know how.  Surinne has inspired us, and we know that she will continue to do so for the rest of her days. 

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