Saturday, September 22, 2012

Shupeas: Pure Awesome!

Here at Momma Love Baby Maternity we are promising to bring you great maternity fashions.  Another promise is to bring you a few baby items that are eco-friendly, new, innovative, and creative.  Welcome Shupeas to our inventory!  They are new, innovative, functional, and best yet for mommas with babies, long-lasting!  Here in Hawaii baby shoes may be something of an anomaly, but as an occupational therapist I am well aware of the benefits of soft sole shoes for babies to promote proper foot development.  I for one do not enjoy the frequent buying of baby goods.  They grow so fast, and as any parent knows, you are lucky if you get every outfit in a size on the baby before they outgrow it.  Baby shoes are no different.

So why not love Shupeas?  The company motto is "Growing Shoes for Growing Feet."  What does this mean exactly?  Well believe it or not it means that these baby shoes are made to grow with your baby!  They generally fit from 3-20 months and come in a bunch of fun colors and styles for boys, girls, and unisex options as well as a mocassin with insole or soft sole style.  They are made of 100% soft leather and have a slip resistant, flexible suede sole.  Here is a photo comparison of the red beachball shoe on the smallest setting (to the left) and the largest (on the right)


I don't know a single momma friend of mine that doesn't love this idea!  My only regret is not having them earlier in my baby's life.  She is currently 17 months and a usual toddler shoe size 4 or 5.  The best part about these shoes? Aside from the fact that they fit her, they are easy to put on her chubby feet!  Yay!  I am a happy momma...check out the Shupeas website for more information.  To view our current inventory, please visit our facebook page or website and send a message if interested in purchasing.  Thank you Shupeas for making a great product! 

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