Friday, June 29, 2012

A Few Ideas on how to build a Cloth Diaper Stash Without Spending Too Much

So a lot of people that have asked me or have been surprised that we use cloth diapers (CD's) have wondered about the cost.  I readily admit, that yes, spending a few hundred dollars is a daunting task.  However the commitment and motivation to use CD's really needs to even that out. 
Here are a few suggestions that I have shared with people to help save on costs. 
1) Register for CD's!  When you add CD's to your baby registry, it not only shows people you are serious, but it also sparks a bunch of convos about your choice.  I for one never turn down a convo about CD's! 
2) To go along with adding CD's to your registry, make it a point to tell people that CD's as gifts would be greatly appreciated and help out fnancially. 
3) You can always buy preowned.  There are lots of sites out there that have used diapers for sale.  Also most retail sites sell preowned as well as stock seconds (slight manufacturers defects but still work just as well) and clearance sections. 
4) There are always online giveaways going on for CD's.  It never hurts to try and win.  Here's a link to a current one for cloth wipes, wipes pouch, and wipes drops from my fave retailer Diaper Junction!
5) There are brands out there that are not as expensive.  Some diapers can be as little as $10 a piece.  Just do the research.

Hope this helps, and gets you thinking about CD's.  It not as hard as you think, and even if you're on a budget it is possible!
I know that this list is not exhaustive so I'd love to hear your ideas on the subject! 
(photo courtesy of Emma Werhman via Diaper Junction)

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