Thursday, June 28, 2012

Why Momma Love Baby

Ok.  I have to admit that I have been working on some other posts, but they are stewing at the moment.  Just for posts sake I felt the need to write something.  What about?  Well I've found a path in my life that I want to stick with.  My new business venture is taking shape and I couldn't be more excited. 
The funny thing is that I have never felt this way about actually working before.  Until this point, I have always felt that I went to work, well, to work.  People always ask that question that grates on my nerves (just as much as the questions "when did you grad?" and "where you went school?" both of which answers cause me to groan quietly) "how's work going?"  Well I always answer pretty poorly..."eh?!"  What does that even mean?  Once my inspiration of my daughter found me, I couldn't fight it anymore.  It meant that I had to do someting else, and take charge of my fate. 

So that's what I have to go on...the inspiration of my daughter, the love that she has brought to my life, and how much I love being her momma (which surprised me the most of anyone).  With that said, I feel like having an idea and an inspiration is all I needed to start Momma Love Baby Maternity.  I want to maximize my time as Surinne's mom and have a creative outlet that I can manage and handle.  This combines some of my main loves (maybe little known to some) of fashion, design, shopping, and people. 

The concept of going mobile with my business was not my initial one, however the thought of getting to provide one on one consults for women and helping them feel, look, and be amazing during an incredible journey and part of their lives is definitely a concept I can live with.  I have jokingly offered to provide personal shopping services for friends (but was actually really serious) so I guess this has been a really long time in the making.  I can't imagine that it is going to be easy, but at least it will be fun!  Can't wait to grow, learn, and love what I do.

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