Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Silly Baby

Surinne is now a whopping 22 months and even more impressive 30 pounds!  She is quite the "hunk of meat" as I like to call her.  I like to describe her as a roast beef.  You see it form a distance, it doesn't really look that big, so you think, "That's the roast for me!  It looks so good, I can make that for dinner!"

Well then you proceed over to the meat section, pick up the roast and go "oh! This is a heavy hunk of meat!"

That is the case with Surinne.  She is a solid hunk of meat!  Someone asked me recently what we feed her.  The answer is actually more what she will actually eat.  I feed her anything and everything.  She'll eat it for sure, but does she like it?  NO.

Truth be told she is a carb lover, sweets lover, and starch lover.  Can't say this was a surprise...my favorite food is pizza, and my husband will eat anything.  He will not eat a salad unless  1) it comes with his burger, or 2) if I actually make one.  

So that is all.  Oh yeah, also she is almost grown out of many of her cloth diapers because her thighs are so big...hence the potty training.

Here is our big girl enjoying a walk along Front Street in Lahaina.
Anyone else have a monster of a baby?

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