Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Doing Business

The weekend of January 19th was fun!  I finally did a pop-up event and was able to meet new customers and friends in the process.  The main goal is to keep moving forward and keep up with getting out there, meeting even more customers, people, and friends in the process.

Hoping to expand inventory soon!

Chewbeads...always a HOT item!
ReSnackit bags are easy, functional, and eco-friendly!
Maui Diaper to be added soon!

Shupeas in every color!
OiOi diaper bags make me smile!

Snack or sandwich size reusable, washable, dry-able bags

Closeup of Surinne's Shupeas, Maui Diaper
Chewbeads rainbow!

This is what it is all about!  Amy is one happy momma-to-be now that she will be stylish and comfortable at work!

Is anyone else as excited as I am about my business is growing?!  

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