Friday, January 4, 2013

Potty Training Humor

Not only is having a toddler much more of a joy (for me) than having a baby around, it is definitely filled with more enjoyable, and I'll say humorous moments.  I know that my husband will literally kill me for this, but I can't help myself.  As we are now in the swing of trying to potty train our 20 month old there isn't much else to talk about, monitor, pay attention to, or even think about.

So I feel like the best potty training story I have happened about month ago.
Of course as with all things I have already done lots of research, question asking of all my momma friends, and even inquiring with our pediatrician regarding how to potty train a toddler.  Number one thing I discovered is to let baby go without diaper (which is fine since she doesn't even want one on but since we have carpet I do cringe a little about urine soaked floors and constant cleaning), number two is to use training pants (fine, but I only have a few so far), and finally third is to let her go in the yard (great, but with the dogs it makes it a little hard to let her go without a diaper while outside).  All interesting facts, but I have resorted to taking her with me and putting her on the potty every time I go (another popular technique).  Nothing has really ever happened as I would like.  Well, actually twice she has started to shi-shi (as we say here in Hawaii), gotten scared, and stopped.  I like to refer to this act as "performance anxiety."

Well on one of these occasions of having no diaper we experienced one of the funniest moments yet!  Baby was not in diaper, I was on the computer getting s*&@ done, and daddy was cooking dinner.  To be honest I forgot that we were diaper-less and let a little more time pass than I usually would allow.  Mid-typing I heard my husband say "Surinne, no!"  I promptly lowered my laptop screen to see what was happening.  Out of the side of my eye, I saw daddy doing a flying dive, both arms outstretched, and hands cupped....TO CATCH POOP before it hit the carpet!

Needless to say, I was....impressed!  This act of bravery was definitely well above and beyond what I would have done to say the least.  I couldn't help myself as I started laughing hysterically!  Really what else could I have done.  THE POOP was promptly flushed and I heard daddy repeatedly washing his hands in the bathroom.  Surinne emerged, freshly diapered, and none worse for wear.  Well, maybe except my pissed off, grossed out, gagging husband!

We have definitely moved passed this moment as many more, un-POOP related, moments have happened since.  We are eagerly awaiting the moment that Surinne actually POOPS or pees in the actual potty, but for now we are happy with the fact that she tells us "shi-shi" the moment that it happens.  I keep telling myself "any day now" and we wait patiently, I think!

Would you catch POOP in your bare hands to avoid a very messy carpet?
(In my defense, I most definitely would not.  That's why God invented Bissell Little Green Machines!)

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