Saturday, January 19, 2013

Heart the Slow Cooker

I am always trying to be creative with my cooking.  I am finding it more and more challenging lately with all that my life has become, but every so often I am able to return to one of the routines that I love the most: cooking dinner.

I must say that I recently hit a home run!  Just thought I would share...

I call it Pork: Mexican Style

3 or 4 Pork chops (depending on the size.  I used three thinner cut ones with bone in)
salsa (any jarred brand)
diced green chiles
whole garlic cloves (I used 2 medium sized ones, smashed)
chili powder
salt pepper

Add all ingredients except for pork.  Stir.  Salt and pepper the pork chops.  Add pork to salsa mixture.  Turn slow cooker to low.  I let it sit for 6
hours.  I removed the bones and shredded the pork when I got home.  Then I added left over rice and a little more of the spices.  We used it in burritos with cheddar cheese and sour cream.

Baby loved it!  Especially the sour cream, which she calls yogurt...
*Use spices to taste.  I never measure them, but I go by smell so whatever
works for you should be fine!
Add enough water to cover most of the pork.

Simple, fresh, good.
What's your favorite slow cooker dish?

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