Thursday, April 18, 2013

Toddler Tantrums

It has been a while since I posted something personal about our Surinne.  She is officially 2 years old and I couldn't be happier.  Every minute means something even more is about to happen, be learned, or discovered. The wonder of toddler-hood is definitely not ceasing.

My personal fave moments have come to be the tantrums!  Early on, I reported that my favorite baby face is the "angry face," and that still rings true.  Nothing much has summed up pure of-the-moment emotion than "angry face!"  I think toddler-hood sums up how we as adults really want to act, but cannot.  Unfortunately we have to be adults: all responsible, presentable, professional, and crap.  Now that toddler-hood has entered "angry face" has gotten even more entertaining!  Surinne is learning that she has choices, desires, and disappointments!
Minnie Mouse over: tantrum; Wait inside while momma feeds the dogs: tantrum; "Can you go poo poo potty?" "NO!": tantrum; Not wanting to put on shoes when momma asks: tantrum; Putting on shoes  when momma says no: tantrum; Wanting to eat cheese instead of peanut butter sandwich: tantrum; "Do you want bread?" "YES!" and then when momma gives the bread: tantrum; No more crackers: tantrum; "I don't want that!": tantrum; "Mine!": tantrum; Time out: tantrum.  This list can go on and on...
Luckily, I captured one of the worst tantrum moments on video the other day!  A tragedy occured when I showed up early to pick Surinne up from day care.  The kiddos were watching a movie and the snack of the moment was POPCORN!  Who doesn't love POPCORN?  I for one could eat popcorn all day.  Apparently so can Surinne!  I know my sitter found this moment hilarious.  She is witness to Surinne's tantrum shenanigans on a regular basis.  Now you can be too!

Do you enjoy your child's "angry face?'

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