Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cloth diapers: the fancy, the practical, and the snaps!

Continuing on in the discussion of cloth diapers I feel the need to explain a little bit more of the details that may get you wondering "WHAT?!"  This is just to inform you and keep you in the know to understand some of the options out there.

DUAL LEG GUSSETS:  There are brands out there that swear by this built-in "leak dam."  This is basically an extra row of protection sewn right into the diaper that goes around baby's thighs.  I can't say too much else about this style.  Here are a few examples.

APLIX®:  This is a type of velcro.  Hooks on one side, and on the other side loops.  It is popular in cloth diaper manufacturing due to it's soft feel, but yet strong hold.  Also good for high use fasteners (www.aplix.com).  This type of closure usually has convenient laundry tabs.  As you can see below this is a tab to be sure to conceal the hooks of the Aplix® so that it does not stick to other items of clothing while washing (which will happen so this is a great feature to look for).
Aplix® is a popular choice as it is very quick to fasten.  My experience lead me to these cons.  Aplix® is easy for baby to remove once they are able, and in time it does wear out causing some of the fasteners to not hold very well.

SNAP: Just as simple as it seems.  Snap closure diapers are held onto the baby with snap buttons.  These are also a popular choice for strength of closure, long lasting wear.  There are many different options for snap fastening.  Some diaper brands use only one row of snaps at the waist  In the photo below you will see a two row snap closure.  This is popular as you can adjust the leg, or bottom, separately from the waist if needed to get a snug fit.  This is what I am resorted to doing with my thunder thigh baby!  Some may think that having to line up one extra button is too much time, but it is worth it in the end to get that snug fit and NO LEAKS! 

Again, this is not an exclusive list.  These diapers are just what I have available in my stash for photos, and can speak for from experience.

Up next...accessories!  Do you have a favorite cloth diaper accessory "must have?"

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