Monday, June 10, 2013

Cotton Glam Maternity

Cotton Glam Maternity: comfort, ease, style...How much more can you ask for?

When you are pregnant there is nothing worse then being in an uncomfortable, itchy, hot, and binding piece of clothing.  I had a favorite shirt from The Gap that I really liked and would have worn everyday if I could have.  I mention this because I really only had ONE of those items.  ONE out of many pieces of maternity wear that I purchased for my pregnancy.  The absolute most important thing for me with this business was to find more of THOSE pieces.  Pieces that you, as customers, will LOVE and want to wear day in and day out.  I feel that I have found one company that seems to think along the same lines and it's called Cotton Glam Maternity.  They make items to order and I have the opportunity to select the colors.

Let's intro Cotton Glam Maternity in the way that I feel I would fit best.  Soft, comfortable, yet stylish pieces that would last throughout your pregnancy.  The bonus is to FEAR NOT.  The items may resemble your favorite stretchy t-shirt that you love from yoga class, but in actuality they are beautiful, stylish pieces that can take you from board room to grocery store.

I am only beginning to delve into their full line.  I have brought in the ONE piece that I feel will fulfill my requirements of economical, comfortable, and versatile.  This pencil skirt is sure to deliver because it is REVERSIBLE!

This skirt would have been a HUGE staple in my pregnancy wardrobe!  It is made of super soft modal/spandex.  It is side ruched to provide for your growing belly, and it beautifully follows those new found curves!  It is black on one side and navy/white stripe on the other. (Shown with an Old Navy tank).

Side ruching for adjustability as baby grows and to accentuate that belly!
This skirt retails for $60.00 which may seem high, but you get two skirts in one.  Can't go wrong with that!  For sale inquiries email

What other super soft comfy items would you want to see?

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