Sunday, November 10, 2013

Cloth Diapers...All the Good Stuff!

Lets's talk about accessories.  Definitely wish I meant jewelry, bags, and shoes.  But once a baby enters the equation, and you decide to cloth diaper there are a lot more accessories that get added into your life!  There are many different accessories that you can use with cloth diapers, and I'm sure that the info will differ depending on who you talk to.  Accessories can individualize each person's cloth diaper experience so there are a number of answers that can come up when you ask "what other things do you use?"

My husband and I tried out a few different things before we fell into a comfortable routine.  This is our list of MUST HAVES.  It is not all inclusive, and just know that there are new things coming to market everyday.  Also this post mentions poop, FYI...

1) Bioliners by Grovia: my husband calls them "tea bags for the poop."  Literally a necessity for us and our poop machine.  These liners make cleaning up poop soooo much easier!  When you take off the diaper, remove the Bioliner and solid waste and flush.  It's that simple.  Bioliners are made of 100% Ingeo™ PLA fibers, a renewable fiber loosely derived from plant carbons and dextrose sugars.  These liners contain no fragrance, chlorine, or dyes.  They catch the poop yet allow the skin to breathe.  There are many different brands of liners out there that work in the same way.  You can see a photo of the liner on it's own below, and on of how it lays right in the diaper.

2) Cloth diaper safe diaper cream/ointment.  There are many brands out there, but our favorite is Grovia Magic Stick (mainly because of the yummy smell).  Our baby always had some redness, and a few times even broke out in a nasty rash (which I will discuss a little later).  Regular diaper rash creams are not safe for use with cloth diapers.  This is because they are made to repel liquid from the baby's skin to allow for keeping skin dry in order to heal.  When creams get on the cloth fibers they stay there, potentially turning the diapers into non-absorbent repelling diapers.  This scenario would be highly ineffective for obvious reasons.  When you use a cloth diaper safe cream/ointment you can be assured that it will not affect the efficiency of the diaper itself.  It was clearly an obvious choice for us.  I do not have a photo, but again you can visit the Grovia website here for more info.

3) Cloth wipes.  This may not be an obvious choice, but my reasoning was "I'm already washing the diapers so might as well wash wipes too."  Cloth wipes are soft, and I love having them around for other messes too...sauce, ice cream, purple sweet potatoes, dirt, etc...for baby and for momma.  I personally always pre-moisented the wipes every day so that they were always ready.  Again, there are many different brands of wipes (as each diaper company seems to make their own).  We had many different ones and they all worked fine.  We even used a few baby washcloths since we had so many of those.

4) Wet Bags.  You HAVE to keep one of these in your diaper bag so that you can put the dirties somewhere when you are out and about.  There are so many different kinds of wet bags out there.  My favorite of the ones we have has a zipper closure.  This just assures that the mess stays in the bag.  There are also many different sizes of wet bags.  For a day outing you would probably want a medium sized bag, enough to hold 5-6 diapers.  Small bags generally hold 3-4 diapers for shorter outings.  Large wet bags are good for storing dirties at home until you are ready to wash and usually hold between 15-20 diapers and can easily hang on a door to save space.  This will allow you to wash every 2-3 days.  There are even bags that hold your moistened cloth wipes usually 10 or so of them.  Examples are below.  Again, there are many different brands, sizes, and styles.

5) Fleece liners.  Good for those times when you really need Desitin/ButtPaste or whatever heavy duty cream needed.  The cream will get on the liner and not the diaper so it will not be ruined.  No photo, but what I did was buy a yard of fleece fabric from the Walmart clearance bin and cut strips as wide and long as needed for the diapers.  Pretty simple, and no sewing needed.

6) Mini shower sprayer.  Good for spraying poop from the diaper straight into your toilet.  Makes clean up/rinsing easier.  Not much else to say about this.  Again, lots of different brands/styles out there.  Ipm pretty sure that you could even make your own from hardware store parts by googling it or searching Youtube.

7) Spray bottle or peri bottle.  Use this to hold solution to moisten your cloth wipes at the changing table in baby's room.  As I said earlier we used pre-moistened wipes for when we were out/daycare, but at home we just wet what we need at the changing station.

There are so many more accessories out there, but these are the ones we found worked best for us.  What have you found that worked?  Do you have any questions about anything listed?  Let me know in the comments and I'll be happy to address them!

Please know that any mention of particular brands in this post is simply my opinion based on what worked best for us.  There is no, and never will be, compensation for mention of specific items in this blog.  It is simply educational to help other people learn, research, and decide what will help them in their parenting journey.

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