Friday, November 15, 2013

Postpartum Mother Roasting

I am now a proud certified Sacred Postpartum Mother Roaster.  I couldn't be more excited, humbled, honored, and grateful that I did this training.  I am a true believer that the postpartum period is forgotten about.  Not only is it the most difficult part about having a baby, it is a true transition.  It really is the "fourth trimester."  So what is a Mother Roaster?

A Mother Roaster SERVES as a caregiver during the postpartum period.
A Mother Roaster SUPPORTS recovery and journeying into motherhood.
A Mother Roaster WELCOMES through gentle and loving care.
A Mother Roaster HEALS through the art of placenta prana (TM).  
A Mother Roaster NOURISHES through the art of conscious cooking
A Mother Roaster WARMS through the art of mother roasting.

It is the job of a Mother Roaster to hold sacred space and assist the momma in her transition. The momma that has just given birth has closed her journey of pregnancy and has begun her journey of motherhood. This applies to first time mommas and experienced mommas. Each child birthed is a different being, and each experience can be different for the momma. The momma needs to acknowledge their journey, embrace it, and explore new emotions. As a Mother Roaster I am there to guide them in this process.
With philosophies integrated from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Mexican, and Malayan beliefs new mommas are surrounded with warmth, support, nourishment, positivity, and love as they cross the threshold from maiden to mother.
​It is believed that, for 9 months, while pregnant a woman is in a state of warmth.  This state is immediately and suddenly changed after birth and the woman is left in an empty, cold, and unbalanced state.  Providing warmth is part of the process to help the woman restore balance and return to her normal state.  This process is slow and happens for the first ~6 weeks postpartum.  It is during this time that a Mother Roaster will vow to honor and serve, supporting the woman for a gentle return to balance.  
Some things that I can now offer include bengkung belly binding to help the abdomen, organs, ribs, and hips shrink back down into their proper place.  I can help hold ceremony to support and celebrate the new momma with relaxing baths and rebozo tuck in (the rebozo is a traditional Mexican long scarf.  It can be used as a garment but also as a tool to aid labor and delivery).  I can provide delicious, healthy, warm soups and teas for the postpartum period prepared with care and love in your home so that you do not have to think about meals for yourself and your family.  I can provide education about the benefits of Placenta Prana (TM) and connect to a practitioner that will meet your needs.  There is so much more to offer new mommas than what has been for so many years.  New mommas need support in physical, mental, and emotional ways.  I vow to serve these needs in whatever way possible to assure that forgotten postpartum periods are a thing of the past.  Let us celebrate from now on!

I will be slowly talking about these services in more detail soon.  This is just a taster...

Can you imagine how much better/smoother the transition into motherhood would have been had there been a Mother Roaster there to serve you?

Visit, learn, and immerse yourself in the movement of all things Sacred started by Anni Daulter here.

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